Rebel Belle

100% meat-free veggie and vegan dog food

For the climate, the environment, for animal welfare and a better future!

Your dog is your one and only. The climate, the environment and animal welfare are also very important to you. There’s just one problem... How best to feed your four-legged friend and still remain true to your principles? After all, meat production consumes a lot of resources and releases greenhouse gasses. On top of that, the animals that are slaughtered for pet food are often kept in terrible conditions. It’s a real moral dilemma!

Well, fret no more! We’ve found a sustainable solution for you and your doggo!
Introducing our 100% meat-free, high-quality dog food Rebel Belle – delicious and wholesome. Give your pup all the nutrients they need without any fake stuff such as artificial colourants or fillers.

Let’s do something good for our planet and all of its inhabitants! Feed your dog a vegetarian or a vegan diet! With just one Rebel Belle meal a week, you can reduce your dog’s carbon footprint, help protect the environment and prevent animal suffering.

Sustainable dog food is pawsome!

Discover our delicious veggie and vegan bowls!

Discover our delicious veggie and vegan bowls!


Rebelicious daily dog food

Don’t worry, your dog won’t miss out on anything!


But how will your beloved pet get all the protein and nutrients they require from a meat-free food?

Our high-quality Rebel Belle food contains plenty of the essentials your dog needs. They can be found in:
Cottage cheese, yoghurt, quark, Skyr and whole egg

And of course, we also have excellent protein sources for vegan pooches:
Amaranth, peas, oats, millet, lentils, lupins, quinoa and wild rice

Last, but not least, our high-quality food also contains lots of essential superfoods and nutritious fruits and vegetables:
Pineapple, apricot, banana, pear, strawberry, mango, papaya and much more
Broccoli, potatoes, pumpkin, parsnips, beetroot, spinach and much more

Worried about carbs? Don’t be!
Since being domesticated by us humans, dogs have genetically evolved to tolerate starch-rich food.

And, if your dog happens to have an allergy...
...Rebel Belle is also available in lots of delicious grain-free varieties


Rebelicious tasty and great for the climate:

  • 100% vegetarian and vegan bowls
  • Rich in essential protein, WITHOUT meat
  • Supplies all the most important vitamins and minerals
  • Satisfies all nutritional needs and can be fed daily
  • Pure, natural ingredients – no fake stuff
  • Made in Germany

Environmentally beneficial and promotes animal welfare!

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